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Connecting People to God and People to People

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Next Life Group Meeting: January 11 & 12

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Small Groups are the heartbeat of Christ Church and help a big church feel small. It is in these small intimate meetings that lifelong friendships are established.

At Christ Church we have two types of small groups, LIFE Groups and LIFE Activity Groups. LIFE Groups consist of 5-12 members that meet twice per month (typically the 2nd & 4th weekends of the month) in the leader’s home or a home of a fellow Christ Church member. LIFE Activity groups offer you the opportunity of enjoying an interest or hobby with other members and friends of Christ Church. These groups meet at a variety of locations and times that work best for both the leader and group members.

We also offer groups for married couples, singles, teens, young adults and more. So, no matter your background, zip code, stage of life, interests or hobby, there’s a small group for you.