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Leader: Arlie Williams

Restoring Hope through A.R.T.

Restoring Hope through A.R.T (Activities. Resources. Talking) provides hope for women, couples and families who have experienced pregnancy loss. The Life Activity group will meet at various ART studios to enjoy group events and spend time coloring, painting ,creating pottery or ceramics, and photography. We will unite to support and encourage each other with activities, resources and talking about our experience with pregnancy loss or miscarriage. Couples, women and families bring crayons/coloring pencils to connect and create colors of Hope! Arlie enjoys gathering with family and friends to inspire heartwarming connections. I am passionate about Women's Health and issues that affect women and their families. In addition my background encompasses providing services in Men's Health. I aspire to use my gifts and artistic pursuit to encourage individuals with hope.

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Morristown, NJ



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