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Beyond Recovery: Healing for Emotional and Spiritual Wounds

Emotional and spiritual wounds can result from all kinds of difficult experiences. Experiences such as the effects of a pandemic, relationship wounds, an accident and domestic violence are just a few examples. Beyond Recovery is an interactive group that uses stories, activities and other experiential methods to promote healing. Each lesson is Bible-based and is designed to promote self-reflection and engagement with God and fellow participants. Topics include: • Trauma and its effects • What the Bible says about suffering • Grief and its relationship to loss and healing • Taking your pain to the cross • Building resilience. Beyond Recovery uses a trauma healing model developed by the Trauma Healing Institute at the American Bible Society:
Group Type: Care
Location: Google Meet
Children Welcome: No


  • Candace Thom-Rogers (Co-Leader)
  • Deborah Foulkes Bert (Leader)

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